About Me

Some descriptions about me

  • Linux user, the main machine is Arch Linux, using Grub 2 to boot, systemd to manage the process, linux-ck linux-zen kernel, paru as AUR Helper
  • Common nickname: electriccubes~~ (deprecated, only Minecraft is still in use)~~ Now Minecraft has also been replaced by CoelacanthusHex, ~~Transistor && TransistorLogic && GlowDiscourgeTube~~ (disabled, some forums that cannot be changed It is still used), Coelacanthus (in use, probably will not be changed)
  • English name? Maybe it will be Celeste Liu or Iris Liu. Or just call me ID Coelacanthus? I haven't even made a decision yet...
  • OIer
  • Know a little C & C++ & Lua, and I am learning Rust
  • The input method used is Rime input method engine, the framework used is Fcitx5 The Fcitx5 input method is really sweet; use Gboard on the phone
  • The browser used is Firefox Developer Edition, Now it is Firefox Nightly,In order to hardly unroll to Chromium, because Chromium does not follow fontconfig and roll back Firefox Nightly, use also on your phone
  • The mobile phone used is Redmi Note 8 with MIUI 11 @ Android Pie by Xiaomi ~~ I am now brushed as a native~~ I hope you can use the phone for half a lifetime, and it will still be MIUI ( Actually it is MIUI.eu
  • Atheist
  • ACGN lovers
  • I like Minecraft ~~ but I hate the Chinese version of NetEase agent~~
  • I really like Coca-Cola

About my spiritual aspect

  • MtF, Pansexuality LGBT Flag Transgender Pride Flag Pansexual Pride Flag
  • For freedom, peace and equality, mankind all over the world, unite!
  • Sixteen personality test is INFP-T: "Mediator"

My sixteen personality test results

  • Bipolar Disorder
  • I feel lonely when I am alone, but it’s more painful to be with someone I don’t like

About what I hate

  • Despotism, dictatorship and paternal authority
  • Prejudice, discrimination and moral kidnapping
  • Excessive interference with personal freedom
  • Conservative

About my social

About the construction of this site

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